3 Reasons why it is better to date in Fall & 7 Tips!

Okay, so we all love a good summer fling, but as you already know, I love Fall, and my intention is to prove you why it is also the best season for dating! And when I say date, I think you shouldn’t limit yourself to romantic relationships; take your new best friend out on a…

“I fell victim of a rental scam”

Rental fraud is a common experience for many Erasmus students. Red flags to spot rental scams are often overlooked in the hope of finding a good accommodation. Most of us would like to believe that a good deal we have just found, really exists. After a fraud, however, we often recognize signs we should have…

How to choose your Erasmus destination

You are staring at the map on your wall, looking for the perfect location for your Erasmus. Every single country seems to have a lot to offer. But then you realize that even within a country there are endless cities and universities to choose from. Although most of them seems like a superb choice, you…

5 things to do this Autumn

Welcome to Budapest Insider! In our first post you will find our recommendations of what to do in the soon to be autumn-coloured Budapest! Surely you already know a little about Budapest, about the Hungarian cuisine and our traditions, but let an Autumn lover girl give you her fall bucket list!

10 things you never knew were invented by Hungarians

You’ve already had the chance to pick up some knowledge about Hungarikums from an earlier post, and now I invite you to a travel in time, to see what ideas popped out from the head of some late Hungarian geniuses!